The Treasure Map 3 does look like a mystery, but trust me it is probably the easiest to find. The sketched map is mystery and has no solution, ....the serial killer map parts are collected from the corpses The old hermit with the rare shotgun [up around Annesburg ] has part of a map and the hermit lady up in West Elizabeth has the other half, [ this treasure can only be got in epilogue ] Have you actually collected all the maps ? In case you were still having problems finding treasure map 3. Here’s a map of where you can find all of the gang hideout locations in Red Dead Redemption … Help me out, Im not sure if I have missed something or am just not far enough along yet. All you have to do is go to the Ambarino region, north of Grizzlies West, and at this particular point on Barrow Lagoon, you will find the Treasure Map 3. Broken Tree is a natural formation in Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Red Dead Online in the Great Plains region of the West Elizabeth territory. Here you can find the huge Official Game Map of Red Dead Redemption 2, in the Highest Resolution / quality possible, including every area of the map discovered and every landmark.. So far I have found two treasure maps, kind of. After reaching Rank 10, you will receive a There is a log laid in the middle of a creek joining two points. The first map leads to to Cumberland Falls, which is a short distance east of Wallace Station, in the north of West Elizabeth. Official Rockstar post: "When you hit Rank 10 you’ll receive a Treasure Map, uncover the treasure for Gold and Cash. The treasure map is right in the middle of the log. In the Wild West, there’s no honor among theives. High Stakes Treasure Map 3 Location. The cash alone is worth finding the treasure. The treasure map is right in the middle of the log. Another treasure map you will get in Red Dead Online is the Blackbone Forest Map. One was given to me on one of those Strauss missions where you just go collect a stash from a tree, and barely counts. According to official Rockstar post treasure maps have a drop chance when looting enemies from Gang hideouts and ambushes. There is a log laid in the middle of a creek joining two points. Check out this Red Dead Online Blackbone Forest treasure map guide to get the loot. Rank Unlocks; Gang Hideouts; Rank Unlocks. How Treasure Maps work in Red Dead Online. It consists of a small, old rock wall and a lone tree in the middle of the grassland. Here is the picture from Red Dead Redemption 2 of the exact place. ... For example, the Bard’s Crossing Treasure Map you’ll get after reaching Rank 10 will be in New Hanover, just west … I am early in chapter 3, storywise. High Stakes Treasure Map 3 Location. You’ll receive Treasure Maps for every 5 ranks after that. The Red Dead Redemption 2 Full World Map features five major states / territories: Ambarino, Lemoyne, New Austin, New Hanover and West Elizabeth.. It is also the location of the eighth treasure in the Treasure Hunter Challenges.