When they run concurrently, the defendant serves them at the same time. All jail sentences to run concurrently. This involves serving the 6 months and the 4 months, at the same time. The Chief Justice also considered that a 5 1/2 -year imprisonment would be crushing. June 30th - … The court will order individual sentences imposed for any other charges in the case to be served concurrently, cumulatively, or partially cumulatively and partially concurrently with the principal sentence. The main grounds of the appeal centred around the different nature of the offences. Twelve months probation. The prison sentences will run concurrently. Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon did not agree with the District Judge’s reasoning for running the sentences concurrently. 4. Required fields are marked *. This was confirmed by the Chief Justice at the High Court in the case of Raveen Balakrishnan. Again, this does not take into account, good time credits or parole eligibility dates. If the District Judge had decided that the sentences were to run consecutively, the total sentence would be 5 ½ years. If you are facing a criminal charge and want to know your legal rights and how you should proceed, do not hesitate to contact us. So, a consecutive sentence may not have any impact as you are aleady serving a sentence. Consecutively means you serve one sentence before the next one starts. While efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the work, any errors remain the author’s own. The decision can come up when the defendant is convicted of (or pleads guilty to) multiple offenses in the same case (see Example 1, below); or when the defendant is already serving time for a conviction, but is tried later for another crime (see Example 2, below). 130 sentence examples: 1. Who gives us meet but not concurrently give us forever. If Haydn previously had a clean record and forged the checks when he had been temporarily laid off from work, the judge might well sentence him to less than the statutory maximum of five years on each count, and run the sentences concurrently. Defendant must register as a sex offender. Sentences to run concurrent. So, if the judge in the above example were to order that the sentences run concurrently, the defendant’s sentence would be three years—she would serve the two-year sentence simultaneously with the three-year sentence. This created a system where people convicted of the same criminal offense (e.g. In fact, just 4 months after the completion of his reformative training, the Accused assaulted someone with a knife. (Whether he receives consecutive or concurrent sentences, Haydn might be released early on parole.) He was given two prison sentences, to run concurrently. In the State Courts, the accused was sentenced to a 3 ½-year custodial sentence and 6 strokes of the cane for the October 2016 charge. Once the three-year sentence is done, you are finished. By ordering that Carl serve his sentences concurrently, he will still go to prison for the length of his longest sentence-- that is, 20 years. He is currently out on a RM2 million bail in two sureties pending appeal. Generally, concurrent sentences run at the same time, while consecutive sentences run back to back. Show More Sentences. The minimum sentence jumps to 21 years while the maximum sentence jumps to 35 years. The same factors that judges tend to consider when deciding on the severity of a sentence (for example, a defendant’s past record) also affect their decisions on whether to give concurrent or consecutive sentences. If the statement had said "consecutively", it would mean they would run one after another, and that would probably be longer than one's lifetime. The sentences will run concurrently. § 3568, when the state had primary jurisdiction, an order by the federal sentencing judge to run the federal sentence concurrently with a state sentence (even one yet to be imposed) was treated by the Bureau of Prisons as a recommendation since the federal sentencing court had no power to order a federal sentence to run concurrently with a state sentence. At Wednesday's hearing, a judge sentenced Bueno to varying sentences of up to 40 years each on multiple charges.